Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Favorite Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

Chico and I love this Thai restaurant. They allow him to be there and even bring him a cup of water. Lately I have only been going to restaurants where they will allow Chico to go too. So here are some photos of it. The entire meal, including tip came to 13.20. That is American money and more than I usually spend for a meal but I wanted to have the curry and see what was in it. I was told that to live longer, eat three curry meals a week. I made a huge pot of curry in the morning and then put the one I bought at the restaurant in with it. I had a lot of leftovers for other meals besides the curry. 


  1. Oh my! Thai food, and it looks so good. This truly does seem quite paradise-y. Very nice.

  2. Hi Pat. Your curry, spring rolls and satay certainly look delicious. Surprised at the price , considering the exchange rate. It's close to what I'd pay here in TX. Glad you are also able to may curry at home. So, there must be a market to get some Asian ingredients (pastes, sauces and spices).


    1. Hi Scott, yes there is a place here to buy spices. Thanks for writing. P