Sunday, February 14, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It is a beautiful, sunny morning. I am taking a ride to Jocotopec with my friend Nicks, his dog named Dog and Chico. Nicks and I are in search of some wall hangings. (Dog is in search of food. He is always hungry. Chico is in search of little doggie butts to sniff.) Nicks is taking a trip back to the States and he wants wall hangings for gifts for his friends. He has heard that more interesting ones are out there. I was in Jocotopec one time on Valentine's Day and it was really nice. There were flower stands everywhere. The Mexicans were friendly to me. I like Jocotopec. Not many expats on the streets. Not that not seeing expats is better than seeing them but without them, fewer Mexicans speak English. So if you are an expat and want to live out there, knowing Spanish is essential.

Morning sunshine outside of my window. 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Pat! Have a wonderful time today. Sounds like a fun adventure!