Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Morning Thoughts

It is overcast and cold this morning. Isn't looking good for the Fat Tuesday parade. The forecast is for rain exactly when the parade starts, noon.  I remember another Fat Tuesday parade in the rain. Imagine all that flour that lands on people becoming wet flour. It is going to be very difficult to wash off. I am going to have to duck fast. Chico can't go because he hates the bands. He barks up a storm when they walk by. There have been parades in town for several days now. I don't know how many days. All I know is that everytime I walk into town I run into a parade. Always proceeded by half grown boys and girls running away from the people throwing flour. The kids love this time of the year. I am putting on a few photos that I took in the last encounter I had with a parade in town.

I went to see the orthopedic doctor at the Chapala Clinic. It took me a bus and a taxi to get there and when I arrived I was told that the doctor had the flu and wouldn't be in but he would come in the next day. I could reschedule my appointment. That was just enough of an excuse for me to leave.  Any excuse and I will leave a doctor's office. I figured that he wouldn't be much better the next day either. So I left without making another appointment.  I am going to either go to IMSS and see if they will actually treat me, or sign up for Seguro Popular. In the meantime, more swimming. That helps more than anything else.  So here are the parade photos.....

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  1. If you have IMSS coverage you cannot sign up for Seguro Popular, which is for people who have no other coverage at all. They will ask that.