Monday, February 1, 2016

House for Sale in Chapala by the Park

A long time ago I stopped putting houses for sale or for rent on my blog because people would expect me to be like their real estate agent. I am not interested in doing that. I have no car and it is difficult for me to get around with my bad knee. The last time I put something for rent on here it was just because I thought it was a great find. It was near my old place and only 250 dollars a month. A reader from the States saw it and immediately said he wanted to rent it. I helped him to rent it and he moved down and he has become a good friend. Nicks and his dog named Dog. So that turned out good. This time I am putting on a house for sale because I think it too is a great deal. But please don't contact me if you are interested in it or in more information. I will put the contact information on it at the end. It would be a wonderful site for a restaurant. It has a liquor license and can be used for commercial purposes and a huge glassed in dining area. Huge yard. Beautiful place.

You can see the contact information in first photo. It has two gated entrances.

This is the view from the front of the house. Christiania Park.

Side area that goes into a very large back garden.

Back garden.There is a structure for a three story building.

Fountain in the garden area. 

Ceiling inside the large glassed in room.

Kitchen area in the large glassed in room.

Another part of the glass room.

Glass room.

Patio area.

Upstairs bedroom with view of the park.

There is an outside patio off of this upstairs bedroom.

Downstairs bedroom.

Downstairs office area.

Here are some facts: 2 apts with kitchenettes, huge glass house/event center including full kitchen and tables/chairs, structure for three story building, more space to build or put in a garden. E mail: or call 331 571 0789.  You can see it anytime. Just call the number in that first photo. I Wish I had that much money. I forgot the price: 139,000 USD.    Lot size: m2: 360.  Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2.   Office: 1  Two roofed terraces.