Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A morning at the IMSS Clinic in Chapala

I went to the IMSS clinic again.   My helper drove me early in the morning. 

I go back to see the woman doctor, Kenya is her name, in two weeks. She also gave me an appointment at an IMSS hospital for a chest X Ray and blood tests. She looked at my knee X rays and said it looked like nothing was torn or broken, just a bit inflamed. I can't tell you how pleased I was with it all. Everything is free after paying the yearly fee. The doctor said I was lucky that I didn't allow my insurance to lapse because I wouldn't have been able to get it back. I think I made the right decision to go with IMSS.  Here are some photos of the IMSS clinic in Chapala. It is located right across the street from Christiana park. 

IMSS has their own ambulances.

They have a pharmacy where they give out the medications at no charge.

Inside the clinic before people started filtering in.


  1. Hi patricia, I came across your blog two weeks ago and now I am so obssessed with it. I've started reading all your posts since 2015. I really enjoy them all. It seems you had a great today. I am so happy for you.

  2. I am so glad that your doctor's appointment was so successful. And it sounds like Gabriel was a God-send. I had some one similar when I was in the emergency room in Mazatlan. Just needed hydration and antibiotics, but it was so wonderful to have Sue with me.

  3. HI Kathie, Thank you for writing. I appreciate that. p

  4. What good news for you Patricia! How did you find Gabriel? He has the perfect name! Loved all the Valentine Day pictures. Thanks again for sharing with all of us who wish we were there too.
    Connie in Wa.

  5. Hi Connie, Thanks for commenting. I found Gabriel through a woman friend, Pam. I hadn't thought about his name. The angel Gabriel. That is a nice image and feels appropriate. P