Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday Market in Ajijic

These are all made out of corn husks
These puppies are at Anita's Animal Shelter
Dog under the meat cart, waiting for scraps
Which puppy do you want?


  1. I think saw MY hammock! Other than that, it looks nice &
    warm there. It is snowing & 20degrees here in PDX. But it is pretty from the inside, looking out at the drifting snow! GAWinPDX

  2. Hi Gayle, Well bring your hammock on down here and get warm.... It sounds awful up there now. p

  3. Oh yes. Must have 8 inches on the ground by now, and it's still snowing. I've been here for 30 years, and it's only snowed like this once before.

    Did you buy anything at the market, or just browse?

  4. I did my weekly grocery shopping at the market. I am assuming this is Gayle? Sounds cold up there. Come on down and warm up. p