Friday, February 28, 2014

My afternoon in Chapala

I went to the Cruz Roja to try to get an x ray. Couldn't do it without a doctor's prescription. On my way in, I took this photo of the little boy in front. After I left, his father was in a truck with him and stopped me as I was walking down the street. He asked why I took his son's photo and I said for my blog. He said that his son's name is Immer and he was born with feet that face inward instead of straight and the Shriners paid for him to have them fixed. He was running around when I took his photo.

The man's name is Ricardo and he said he is looking for work. He cuts hair and also does construction. It happens here so often that young men ask me if I know of any work. They are  desperate for work. I said I would put his information on my blog. I took another photo of them in the truck. One of the nice things about having this blog is all the wonderful people that I meet.
You can reach Ricardo at or cell phone 333 489 7207. I wish him good luck in finding work. He seemed like a very nice man and he obviously loves his son a lot.

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