Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Thoughts--The Chili Cook-Off

It has been an extremely busy weekend because of the Chili Cook-Off. I went on Saturday and was planning on going again on Sunday. But I only got as far as Salvador's. I had their delicious 80 pesos breakfast buffet while listening to a Mexican man playing the flute and then I walked home. Sometimes my mind wants to do something and my body says no. The body usually wins.

I took a lot of photos on Saturday and wrote an article about it for This is the third year in a row I have written about it for Access.

Hopefully, things are settling down now as far as the violence in the area. They caught the other killer. They did not catch the man who threatened the woman near my house with a knife and a gun. I hope he doesn't show up here again.

I am going out to the spa this morning to swim. The mornings are getting warmer. I like it when the days start getting longer.  Several friends will be coming into town in the next month. That will be fun for me. As I have said many times, I like seeing this area through new eyes. I have old eyes now and overlook many things. I just take them for granted, until a new person with new eyes points them out to me again.


  1. Do people in Jalisco actually eat chili? (As local cuisine, I mean). I always thought chili was a Tex-Mex thing.


    1. Hi JimS, I am not the right person to answer that question because I usually don't like it much. I don't order it in restaurants but I think it is on the menu in several of them here. p