Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye to my friends, Jack and Virginia

Virginia on the right
Little dog at the next table
Another well loved dog at the next table.
This is the restaurant at the plaza. It was very busy yesterday morning. Lots of people brought their dogs too. Jack and Virginia had been here for nine days and I hadn't been able to meet up with them. Mostly because I had been so sick. But I did get to say goodbye to them before they took off for the Portland area again.
Jack and Virginia, waiting to take the taxi out of town.


  1. We hope to be back at Christmas to visit all of the new friends we made on this trip, and finally ride the La Floresta horses.

    1. Yes, for sure ride those horses. Keep in touch. It was great to see you before you left. Next time I hope I am well and able to spend more time with you. P