Friday, March 22, 2013

Morning Thoughts-- The Chaise Lounge

I am still sick with a cough. I thought that I was well enough yesterday to go to the spa. I spent some time in the underground steam room, thinking that would clear out my chest. But then I woke up in the night coughing again. I am trying not to get too depressed. I hate to be sick.

A few days ago our (Chico's and mine) favorite chaise lounge broke. I fell to the ground while I was in it. This is a very special chair that I dragged down on the airplane from the States when I first arrived here. I think that was seven years ago. So for seven years Chico and I have sat on this chair. If he was sleeping on it and I came along, he would jump down and let me sit on it and then he would jump up into my lap. I took it out to the yard almost everyday. I spent many hours on it when I broke my ankle and was stuck here for three months. Needless to say, Chico and I love this Chaise Lounge and we were lost without it.

I bought it at a yard sale in the States for two dollars. It is the best two dollars I have ever spent. I had seen similar ones in Costco in Guadalajara. They cost over a hundred dollars but I was desperate to replace it. The Lake Chapala Society bus goes there once a month or so for a little less than twenty dollars. I was planning on buying a ticket and taking that trip for this major purchase.

I had tried to repair it myself. I had restrung it already three times but this fix was too complicated for me. It involved broken metal.  I also knew that if I were to throw it in the garbage outside it would have been gone within minutes and fixed by one of the local Mexican families. So I asked my landlord's maid. Within half an hour a Mexican man was at my door. He took it and half an hour later it was back, fixed. He charged me twenty dollars. Chico and I are happy once again in our comfort zone.

I love this about Mexico. It is a fix it country. I use the following example of the differences between the States and Mexico: In the States it is possible to find a nice used bike in a yard sale for two dollars but it would easily cost sixty dollars to have it fixed up. Here, a nice used bike in a yard sale would cost at least sixty dollars but could be fixed up for two.    Nothing is wasted here. If a Mexican throws something away, you can be sure that it isn't fixable.

Today, even though I am too sick to get out and do things, I once again have my special chaise lounge so I can enjoy the sunshine and the birds in my yard. I never even got that man's name. He was in and out, like superman. Mr. Fix it. Thank you.

 I grew up going to the dump with my father. He would take a dump load and bring back one, filled with things he would fix up.... I loved those times. (My mother hated them. She always complained about the junk he brought back. ) This is my kind of country where nothing ever goes to waste. 


  1. Pat,

    So glad you got the chair fixed. Comfy things are hard to let go of. Your pictures of the market are magnificent! The fish look like you could touch them. Very appetizing! And I love the cheese balls. We had that when I was there. That cheese was delicious--very mild and creamy! You need to photograph for Bon Appetit!

    1. Hi Lorrie, Thank you for commenting and for the compliment. I appreciate that. P

  2. Great story - get well soon! Jane

    1. Hi Jane, Thank you. I appreciate that. I do feel much better today. P