Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chapala's Consignment Shoppe

Above is my friend Tom, owner of the consignment shoppe in Chapala. Address is Morelos 142. I like to shop there every time I go to Chapala. His phone number is 765 6500. He also helps people put on estate sales.


  1. Having visited Axixic a few times, I've never gotten it out of my mind. I'm recently retired and could readily give up Chicago winters! Your pictures and comments have been a wonderful trip down memory lane. THANK YOU for the trip! I'd love to make it a retirment haven, too.

    1. Well come on down....... Thanks for commenting. Let me know when you get here. P

  2. I've been serial reading the blog for the last two weeks since I found it. Was consumed by the Texas A&M game tonight and then watched Dallas lose. Again. Finally getting my lakeside fix. Lol.

  3. Hi Tim, I have been wondering why you have been commenting on the older posts. Thanks. p