Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Yesterday I took a walk to the doctor's office. I snapped this photo of the dead butterfly on the sidewalk on the way. It was in such perfect condition that I half expected it to fly away but it never did. It really was dead. I wonder how far it had flown to get here. I believe that they fly half way around the world. They are an inspiration. If such fragile creatures can make in the world, than I should be able to do it too, no matter what happens in my life.

I stepped into the doctor's office and his receptionist said, You need an appointment. The earliest we have is at eleven thirty.

Well, it was ten forty five already so I took it. Instead of leaving for forty five minutes I sat on the couch and started my new book. Within ten minutes the doctor came out and motioned me into his office. So much for waiting around the doctor's office half the day like would have happened in the States.

He had me go to the pharmacy for a shot and come back. He gave me the shot and some sample drugs because I told him that I didn't buy the prescription he gave me to fill. It was thirty four dollars and I don't carry that much extra in my pocket. What a nice man. No hurrying me out the door. I feel much better today. I paid him 300 pesos. He recently raised his price from 200 to 300 pesos. I was glad to pay the extra. That is still less than thirty dollars. Well worth it for good health.

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