Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Walk up Colon and on the Carretera

Traffic jam caused by the parade
Roof dog


  1. just curious-how much are those chickens? in safeway in the states you can get them for around $5.00. here in nagoya, at a brazilian restaurant, they are about $23.00. i don't mind paying good money for good for, but i have yet to try one of those chickens. someday. maybe when the kids come in april and can help me eat it.

    hope you are continuing to do well. i am still praying for your health.

    1. Hi Teresa, Good to hear from you. I haven't bought a whole chicken in a long time. I think they were about 85 pesos. That is somewhere around 7 dollars. They are more expensive than Safeway in the States but I also think they are larger. Very expensive in Japan, but everything is expensive there. Right? P