Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Morning Thoughts

The market yesterday was so crowded that I had a hard time walking up the hill. There may be fewer people at the local restaurants but the market is just as busy as it was last year during high season.

Even though it is crowded and hard to shop, I always love going to the market. I bought more gifts for my son and daughter-in-law in Portland. I have to quit doing that because I won't have room in my suitcase if I keep on buying things for them. But I couldn't resist these little sculptures made out of welded metal. (Pencil holders. Everyone needs pencil holders. Right?) They have scenes of people doing everything from cooking to doctoring. (The one at the gynecologist's office is very funny.) Since my son is an alto player, I bought him that. Also, one of a cook since he and his wife love to be in the kitchen.  And one for my son's best friend. He plays the piano. These sculptures cost a little less than ten dollars each. What a bargain. I can't resist a bargain.

I remember as a very young child asking my mother about an advertisement on the radio. They kept repeating, Save Money, Buy such and such. I can't remember what they wanted people to buy but I do remember wondering how you Save Money if you are spending it.  I asked her that question. She couldn't explain the concept to me. Silly me. Now I understand that concept all too well.

A friend keeps trying to get me to move out of my casita and into a place that is more comfortable. One with a kitchen. I have thought about it but I can't leave Chico. Since he belongs to my landlord, it looks like I may never move. There are many beautiful and inexpensive places for rent here now. Check out and Ajijic rentals and property management.

I recently wrote an article for about the Carnival in Chapala. The Carnival is going on for twelve days. Saturday there will be a huge parade in Chapala which I am going to see and then I will go to the carnival again. I didn't get photos of the ice skating rink that they put up at the carnival. I would love to take photos of the little kids learning to ice skate. I bet a lot of those kids have never seen ice or snow. Plus there will be a car show. I am not interested in cars but it is a great place to photograph handsome young Mexican men. I know, I am too old for that but not too old to look.

Also this weekend is the event called Open Studios. The local artists have opened up their studios for everyone to visit. I am looking forward to that too. There is always something interesting to do here, especially at this time of the year. If I were a night person, I could go to some event every night.

I can't say enough good things about this place.  A friend wrote to me today that I probably have extended my life by ten years by living here. I believe he is right. There are many vital and active people here in their seventies, eighties and even nineties. It is a combination of the weather, beautiful environment and interesting things to do.  I love it here. Time for me to get ready for my day at the hot springs.


  1. Love the little sculptures! I've been absent from the blog for a bit and wow, do I have a lot of catching up to do.

    I'm the one who reads your blog to feel connected to my father who lives in the area.

    Next time my husband and I are there to visit family we'd love to take you to lunch if you'd be interested.

    Is it allowed or possible to email you privately?

    Thanks so much for this great window into what is becoming our other home. Mexico.


    1. HI Melinda, Thank you for writing. For sure, let's get together. My e mail address: P