Saturday, February 2, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Chico is too interested by something in the yard to come inside.
This morning is already sunny and beautiful and it isn't even ten a.m. yet. The days are really getting nice here now.

Yesterday I took the bus to Chapala for my first blood test since my surgery. I had my favorite lunch at the American Legion. Fish Veracruz. They only make it on Fridays and it is delicious. The Carnival opened up yesterday at the park but my back was hurting too much to walk over there. I have never been to the Carnival but this year I promised to write an article about it. So, this morning I am taking the bus in once again and hoping that my back will hold out. This getting old and falling apart is for the birds.

Chico was up and down all night long. There were a lot of parties going on all around us and that made him want to bark. He is a good barker. Not a good minder. He just does whatever he wants. If I refuse to let him outside, he will bark and howl and run around in circles until I finally open the door so he can run out. And if I don't let him out, he may leave me a little gift on the floor to discover when I walk into my computer room in the morning. Smart dog.

Then he never comes when I call him. He comes back only when he is good and ready. If I put on my crocks and go outside in my underwear to get him, he stops barking and hides from me. There I am, feeling around in the dark, calling Chico and hoping my landlord doesn't decide to get up and look  out his bedroom window. I never find Chico that way. He is also a good hider.

When I finally give up and go back in my casita, he comes out of hiding and runs around the yard,  barking up a storm again. Irritating to say the least. I am not a dog trainer.  I just go with the flow until sometimes I get disgusted with him and raise my voice but as I said, he never minds me. I love him anyway. We all have our quirks. I don't like being told what to do either.

I thought about taking a little trip to the beach this winter but I never got past the thinking stage. Having my throat cut and my thyroid removed kind of put a damper on my desire to travel. I went to the hot springs spa last Monday. Maybe I will spend my money on that instead of travel. They raise the admission price every time I go there. Now it is 200 pesos and 100 pesos for children. Even with a DIF card, it is expensive. They no longer give DIF card holders the admission ticket for half off. They just take off a few pesos. So, needless to say, the spa doesn't seem to be very crowded these days. Just imagine how much a family of six would have to pay just to get in. My friend from Cairo wrote that the spas in Europe aren't any more expensive than this one.

Okay, enough complaining.   It is too beautiful of a day to continue down that road.  I am just grateful that I don't have cancer and that I live in Ajijic. Lucky me.


  1. Wow Pat, you have been busy!
    I hope your back is feeling better and thanks for sharing all your beautiful pics with us.

    1. HI Kathy, I guess I have been out and about a lot these past few days. Thanks for the compliment on the photos. P

  2. In spite of the price, do you think the hot springs will be packed during Semana Santa?

    Jack in Oregon

    1. Hi Jack, My guess is that it would be packed. I bought a twenty ticket pass but I can't use it on holidays. They will probably consider all of the Easter season a holiday. I will have to find out. Hopefully I will go again on Thursday. The 20 ticket pass is 2000 pesos and also can't be used on weekends and expires after four months.... It also can't be shared with anyone else. They make things difficult. P