Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Thoughts

I spent most of the day yesterday at the San Juan Cosala Spa. I didn't take my camera because I have become paranoid about theft. The day of the parade in Ajijic while I was standing in front of Tom's Bar, I heard about a woman who was sitting at the bar sending e mails on her I pad and she was robbed. A young Mexican man walked into the bar, pulled the I pad out of her hands and ran out. Two men from the bar ran after him but there was a car waiting and he sped off. Later on I heard that there was an article in the local newspaper about this sort of thing. It has become a popular way to make some quick cash. Why not? Robbers rarely get caught here. So there is no downside to it.

Another trick that has become popular is to steal the electric meters in front of people's homes. I think they can only make about three dollars from the copper wires but why not? A quick three dollars is better than nothing. 

I was told that out of forty three home robberies in one particular area here, not one person was caught. That isn't good. This kind of insecurity is the only thing that I don't like about living here. 

I have taken a wrong turn. I didn't mean to be so negative. Usually I don't write when I feel a bit depressed.  Sometimes I get depressed for no particular reason. Or maybe it was because of a nightmare I had early this morning. About being rejected which seems closely tied to being stolen from. Loss, always a bad subject. The older we get, the more loses we have experienced.

I got an e mail from a friend in Portland saying she was feeling depressed and that my photos cheered her up. I am so glad that they had a good affect on her because I know how hard it is to fight depression. It comes on like the flu and sometimes hangs on for days. Living in a paradise doesn't always keep it at bay.

Spending the day at the spa always makes me feel better, physically and mentally. There are two huge swimming pools and several hotter pools for soaking. They raise the price every few months and now it is 200 pesos. My friend said that is more than most spas charge in Europe. Too bad that hot mineral water doesn't belong to everyone, like sunshine or fresh air.

Oh well, I need to quit complaining and start thinking about my day. I am having lunch this afternoon with some friends. Maybe we will go to a good fish restaurant. I will leave my I pad at home but take my camera. A camera is easier to hide than an I pad.

My I pad has a lock on it. If you put in the wrong numbers too many times, it locks up. Maybe they should invent a bomb that explodes the I pad after five or six tries. But then, people like me who have poor memories would be exploding our own I pads. I have no answers to this problem of theft.

I know the I pads have a locator in them, but I certainly wouldn't go into a den of thieves just to retrieve one.


  1. Hi - I know ALL too well about getting depressed....and trying to shake it. You are fortunate to have so many friends there you can go out to lunch with - thereby, getting a change of mood. One thing that often works for me is to put on some music. Not classical, or mood music - but happy, bouncy music - the Beatles, Beachboys, anybody loud and cheery. Try it the next time - sing along, maybe dance a little - Chico would enjoy that.

    Your friend,
    Pat Y.

    1. HI Pat, Thank you for the advice. I might just do that. Dance around the room with Chico. Your friend, p

  2. You write from the heart and I enjoy what have to say. Yes, your friend from Portland and I both are depressed. You know why - the gray clouds and rain just seem to never stop. Oh, wait, the sun is shining today, but not for long. SIGH...


    1. Hi Donna, Thank you for commenting. Wish I could send you both some of this beautiful sunshine. Your friend p