Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thinking about Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

View from the balcony. At least today there is somewhat of a view. Since I have been here, there have been days when I couldn't see five feet out from the balcony. It is very cold here, at least from my point of view.  Almost Thanksgiving and I am thinking of all the things that I am thankful for. Of course number one on my list is my family and their health. And my own health, relatively speaking since I still have aches and pains from all my injuries. (Last year at this time I was stuck in a chair in my little casita with my broken ankle.)  And then I am thankful for my life in Mexico. Being here has made it clearer to me what a wonderful life I have down there.

There, it is sunny every day. I have friends and interesting things to do. I can afford to live there without having to worry about money... I could go on and on but I have mentioned these things so many times in this blog, they must be boring to the readers. And maybe people would think that I am bragging?

My son said to me before he left for India, You are living the life of a wealthy person. I had to agree.  I have somehow been lucky enough to be able to live like a wealthy person and I live on a very limited budget. (My everyday life is where people go for their two week vacations.) So, if being here for a month does nothing more than open my eyes to the great life I have, it is worth sitting around in this cold house watching the fire in the fireplace. 

My son and his wife are calling me from India and telling me about what they are seeing. They have been to some opulent temples and they have seen beautiful sites. But they have also seen terrible poverty. My son said they rode past a huge dump and saw people living in it. They saw a naked baby in there covered in soot.   If that doesn't make a person appreciate his or her own life I don't know what would. 

We have so much in this country and also in Mexico. I am sure that in Mexico City there are dumps like that but I haven't experienced seeing them. Thank God. It is so sad to think of the extreme poverty that most of the world suffers.   Life is not fair.  I am guessing that most of our parents tried to make us think that is was but reality teaches us some very cruel lessons....... 

If I don't write again before Thanksgiving, I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and again I want to thank you for reading my blog. I should have put this up at the first part of this post, along with the other things that I am thankful for but I haven't forgotten the outpouring of love from readers. I feel like I have an extended family in cyberspace. Thank you......


  1. Patricia,

    Thank you for your wonderful post today. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live in the United States and be able to enjoy the many things that we take for granted where in other countries they can only dream about such a good life. The description of the naked baby covered in soot in India made me really sad but also thankful that I have two beautiful grown children of my own who got to grow up under completely different circumstances. For that I thank God every day. I sometimes wonder if I was born in another country what my life would have been like. Reflecting on your post today has made me extremely grateful and thankful for all of the many, many blessing I have in my life. Like you said Life is NOT fair and my life could have been so much worse.

    My second comment is about you describing all of the wonderful things there are about living in Ajijic. I don’t believe anyone would take your writing as bragging. In fact that is one of my favorite things about your blog is you describing all of the many and sometimes simple things that make living there so wonderful. I know that I will love Ajijic when I visit for the first time in March partly because of everything that you write. When I first stumbled upon your blog I went back and read almost all of your archives over several days and I was able to get a wonderful sense of what it must be like living there. So, with that I say THANK YOU for writing your blog and sharing your story. In no way would I call that bragging.

    I hope you and all of your readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

    Best wishes,

    John Brown
    Houston, Texas

  2. Hi John, Thank you for writing. Your comments made tears come to my eyes. Please contact me when you get to Ajijic. I would love to show you around. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,
    As John said so well in a previous comment, I am very grateful to you for your blog. Over the last couple of years (or three??) I have learned much about Mexico and have enjoyed sharing your insights and pictures with my students.
    Hey, look at the bright side of spending fall in the northwest..."winter" in Mexico won't feel so cold! :)
    Karen in VA

  4. Hi Karen, Thanks again for keeping in touch with me. You are right. Winter in Mexico will feel warm after this. I am looking forward to the cards. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your students. Patricia