Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Portland and the Dogs

Caesar and Matty
My son and Daughter-in-law's house

View from the Back Deck
Their street
Oscar in the front. Foxy in the background
I arrived in Portland last night. It was a good trip up. It is COLD here. Fall weather. I haven't seen fall for years. The trees are so pretty.   It is wonderful to be with my family again. I am going to be dog and house sitting. As you can see, there are four dogs here now.   It is busy here.


  1. wow - you're already here?

    Cold? Heck, I saw a guy waiting for the bus stop downtown Portland yesterday evening about 4pm - in a tshirt, shorts & sandals & sockless! Why, it's a balmy 55degrees today, and 60degrees forecast for tomorrow! Let's go have a cold margarita this weekend! gayle

  2. Hi Gayle, Yes, COLD is relative and this relative is COLD.... I would like to introduce you to Maria, my daughter-in-law's sister. She will be staying here too. Maybe we can all go out... Call me. Looking forward to seeing you again. P