Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning in Ajijic

This morning I walked along by the lake to the Lake Chapala Society for their Open Circle talk. It was a beautiful morning with Morning Glories in bloom all over the beach area. On the way home I saw these horses. Next Sunday I will be in Portland. Today I am enjoying every moment of the warm weather. I was looking at the weather report for Portland and it is at least twenty five degrees below what it is here. My son laughs at me when I tell him how I am dreading the cold weather. I have heard that our blood gets thinner when we live for a long time in a hot climate.That explains why in the winter time here in the mornings the Mexicans are wearing jackets and gloves and hats and the people just arriving from Canada are wearing shorts and thin t shirts. 

I saw a returning friend at Open Circle today. He just arrived on Friday. He told me that we have both been here for five years. He leaves in the summer and returns this time of the year. I haven't left here for over a year.  Time sure flies........  I had no idea it has been so long....  Every Thanksgiving for the past four years he has taken me out somewhere for Thanksgiving. This year I will be in Portland.  I am missing this place already and I haven't even left yet!!!


  1. Hi Patricia,
    That blue/purple color of the morning glories is my favorite morning glories around here, but we do have the beautiful yellow, orange, and red colors of the trees. At least for a few more days. Good luck as you prepare for your trip. I'm sure you will enjoy it once you get to Portland!
    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for writing again. Yes, that is one of my favorite colors too.... Thank you for your good wishes for my trip. I will keep writing when I am there. Patricia

  3. Heavenly Blue Morning Glories! Fantastic! Thanks for the awesome pictures Pat. Really made my day!

    John Brown
    Houston, Texas

  4. Hi John, Thank you for your comment. Comments like these keep me doing this blog. I appreciate it very much. Patricia