Friday, November 11, 2011

The Gaze Healer Comes to Portland

Is this little girl also a gaze healer? Am I? Are you?
I am overwhelmed by the huge stores here, by all the distractions, crowds, bright colors, lights and things to buy. Christmas decorations are already up in the stores. People are shopping in the malls and I feel disconnected from all of it.  But I wonder how many others feel the same way.

I saw a one page ad in the Portland newspaper about the Gaze Healer. He will be in town for two days. Sessions cost a dollar a minute for this man to sit and gaze into your eyes. He doesn't bill himself as a healer but this is the line from the ad, " While Graco doesn't call himself a healer, hundreds of thousands around the world do."

This ad makes me wonder about the state of our world that we would even consider paying someone a dollar a minute just to gaze into our eyes. Are we that alienated from each other? Are all the bright lights and hype of modern society that distracting so that we can't gaze at each other?  I already miss my simple life in Mexico. Sometimes too many distractions and choices just separate us from our own selves. At least that is how modern society affects me. Give me the simple pleasures. Let me gaze at people and be gazed at in return without a dollar a minute price tag.......

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