Sunday, August 14, 2011

View from the Patio Last Night

Last night a huge storm came. I took these photos before it started. It was a beautiful night. I kept the curtains open so I could watch the lightening flash as I was going to sleep. What a night. I can't watch the storms from my little casita. I don't have a view. There are many advantages to having money.

This is a spectacular place but I am starting to get a little bored. I eat too much when I am alone. It is my way of trying to fill up the empty places inside. It never works. I just end up feeling guilty on top of feeling lonely. Guilty and fat.  I guess money isn't so important after all. For me, friendships trump money, every time. No, there is an exception: If I had to choose between having a friend to commiserate with while I am dying of hunger or have money to buy food and be alone and lonely, I would buy the food and be lonely and alive......


  1. Gawrsh. That was a particularly queer post. Since the scenario you imagined is so unlikely, one wonders where these thoughts come from.

    Gladys Evangeline

  2. Hi Gladys, Thanks for your feed back. These thoughts come from spending too much time alone.....My mind goes a little crazy. Patricia