Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sitting by the Lake with Chico

I am getting settled back into my own life now. I took Chico down to the lake and he sat on my lap for a long time. Dogs are so forgiving.  He is just happy to have me back home. Makes me think of a joke someone told me. I may have put this in a previous blog. If so, forgive me. I am forgetful and this has become a huge blog.  The joke is this: If you want to see who loves you more, put your dog and your mate into the trunk of your car. Leave them there for an hour and then come back and let them out. See which one is happy to see you.......

Well, enough of the old, worn out jokes. Here are some photos from the lake with Chico.

I found a cool place to sit under a tree


  1. oh what cute pix of chico. did you get my nagoya news update? i have a feeling i somehow missed you and if that`s the case i`m sorry. sometimes that happens when i send out mass e-mails.

    take care,


  2. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing. I got one from you about a week ago. But not since then. Hope you will resend it to me. I really enjoy hearing about your experiences. I was thinking this morning about culture shock and wondering if you are experiencing any of that. Patricia