Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House Sitting Again

I am house sitting in West Ajijic. I came here Tuesday morning and I haven't left it yet. I have a beautiful heated pool in the back yard and after swimming I  have no desire to go anywhere else. I just sit around the pool reading and playing with the dogs.  Why leave when everything I want is here?

Okay, I am getting a little lonely. I called a friend and she may come by to visit with me on Friday. I will be going back to my casita next Tuesday. I wish I could show you photos of how nice it is here but I have a rule that I don't put photos of places where I am house sitting on my blog. I want to preserve the privacy of the owners.  But maybe they wouldn't mind if I put on a photo of the dogs.... They are real sweethearts and they are lots of fun.

If I lived like this all the time, I could easily become a recluse. You wouldn't see anymore photos of Ajijic from me because I would be just hanging out by the pool. Even though I don't own a beautiful home, I have a good life. I love my little casita and staying in fancy homes from time to time gives me mini vacations.   Vacations from my vacation..... not bad....


  1. awww! those dogs are precious! i see lots of dogs when i`m out and about, moslty little ones because those are the ones that are allowed in rentals. i`ve seen maybe 3 large dogs the whole time i`ve been here. i pet as many as i can since i couldn`t bring our jack. still enjoying feeding the cats. no stray dogs here like in mexico, just lots of homeless kitties. wish i were in a position to open some type of shelter, but that`s not feasible.

    take care pat.


  2. Hi Teresa, Thanks for writing. With the cost of food there, I would guess that dog food would also be expensive. Another reason to not have a big dog. I wonder why cats aren't very popular? They get rid of mice and they are so loveable. Patricia