Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Thoughts on the Rainy Season

Now that most of the time I have electricity after a storm, I am beginning to enjoy this rainy season. I think my electricity has only gone out twice in the past few weeks. It was fixed within a few hours instead of days. My landlord hasn't threatened to move again and I haven't thought about it either. Also, the rains are mostly coming at night now. At the beginning of the season it often rained in the day but now it is sunny most of the day. 

The rains keep it from getting too hot. The hot months are May and June, up until the rains start. Those are good house sitting months because people leave here and go someplace cooler.  It is hard to complain about the weather here because it is usually beautiful. I like this season because the part timers are gone. The town is quieter. The restaurants aren't crowded. There is less traffic. People are more relaxed. I also enjoy it when they return. Maybe it is the change that I like. Both times have their advantages. The trick is to focus on the good in each season and appreciate what IS......


  1. Hey P, Billy here. The last line of your blog really got me to thinking. We also could focus on the good in everything and have fabulous results. Too often we, as people, focus too much on the negative. There is good even in one of our horrific thunder & lighting storms. (losing the electricity not withstanding) Let us know when you are H/S over this way. You could go over on the tennis court and talk to us. Better yet, come on over!! Talk soon-B

  2. Hi Billy, Good to hear from you. I am going to be house sitting out in West Ajijic starting on Tuesday. Maybe we can get together then. Please e mail me your phone number. Thank you. P

  3. Wise words indeed, Patricia....thank you for the reminder.

  4. Hi Carol, Thank you for writing. I really appreciate that. Patricia