Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Night at the Lake Near My Casita

Chico and I took a walk to the lake last night, just before sunset. It was beautiful as usual. I have never been to that spot and found it uninteresting. There are always lots of photo opportunities and things for Chico to investigate.  He has a special affinity for the stinky old fishing nets that are left on the shore, or dead fish, or any dead animals. I have to keep an eye on him. His other bad habit is to be aggressive to big dogs wondering around, not on leashes. I think he is afraid so he acts tough. As soon as I see a big dog, I grab Chico and take him back home. Sometimes that cuts short our sunset viewing but I don't want any more bad experiences down there. Breaking my ankle was enough, more than enough.


  1. chico is not afraid of the big dogs, he just has to show them how macho he is, in spite of being small :-) beautiful pix by the way.

    we`re enjoying our time at the nagoya hilton. looks like we might be here another 2 1/2 weeks before moving into our house. no complaints here, i love the hilton, but by the time we move we`ll have lived out of suitcases for about 7 weeks so i will defintely be ready to set up house.

    absolutely love this city and japan in general. would you like to get my weekly update? if so, please e-mail me at and i will add you to my address book.

    take care and keep posting. even though i haven`t commented lately, i do read your posts.

    teresa in nagoya (formerly lake stevens)

  2. Hi Teresa, I would love to get your updates. I will send you the request on your site. Thank you. It is fun to hear about your life. Patricia

  3. Hello, When you broke your ankle and when you get the stomach flu, how hard is it to get medical attention? thanks

  4. When you broke your ankle and when you get the stomach flu how difficult is it to get medical attention? thanks

  5. Hi Matt, Well, that is an interesting question. There are many doctors here. The problem is--- finding a good doctor. I had some problems but all in all, I am pleased with the doctoring I have gotten here. Thanks for writing. P