Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Pizza and Dog Party

I was invited to a pizza party with three other women friends. They all brought their dogs. We had home made pizza which was delicious and the five dogs were running all over the place in dog heaven. They were all small dogs and they were friends. It was a lot of fun for all of us. Too bad I didn't bring Chico. He would have loved it.  But I had to take the bus there and they don't allow dogs on the buses.

It was hard to get the dogs still long enough to take their pictures. They were just so excited to be with their friends.


  1. that pizza looks scrumptious! when a friend and i were searching our new neighborhood for our house last week, we asked a pizza delivery guy how to get there. sure enough, he led us in the right direction. i told him we`d order pizza when we move in. maybe i can get steve to start making it again. he used to make great pizza!

    the dogs are darling!

    have a great week!


  2. HI Teresa, Yes the pizza was delicious. I wonder how much a pizza costs in Japan, delivered? Maybe a hundred dollars??? Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia, Here it is 335am and since I can't sleep decided to catch up on your blog. Low and behold there were my little monkeys Cami and Wicket. The pizza was fabulous, but most of all I enjoyed the company. Joni

  4. Hi Joni, Thank you for writing, especially in the middle of the night. Makes me feel important. Yes, that party was a lot of fun. The dogs had fun too. Your friend, patricia