Monday, December 18, 2017

Third Thoughts

What to do?????

Well here he is AGAIN......  I took down the thorns because I was afraid of hurting the poor dog. I think the dog has won this round. I yelled at the dog's owner to close up the hole from his side. He speaks English. He said, "Okay, no problem." But I wouldn't bet on him doing anything about it. 

Just today I read in the news about two Pit Bulls attacking their owner and killing her in the woods. There was a photo online of this beautiful young woman with her pit bull resting his head on her shoulder. They had never been violent until the attack. A vet made a comment that if pit bulls get scared, sometimes they attack. This really scares me.   I am at my wits end about this dog.   

Here is my next defense. I tried closing up that hole with my old mops. Oh what a lovely garden I have now, filled with chicken wire, a chicken wire fence, black plastic and old mops. And still the neighbor does NOTHING about the problem....

This is the fence that my landlord previously put up on my washroom roof to keep the dog out. Lovely.

This is my next fix, old mops.....

So you can see what is happening. My beautiful garden has become a junk yard.  

I just went to the hardware store and bought more chicken wire and plastic. I put it up. But if I had to bet on it, I would bet that it doesn't work. How lovely my garden looks now. UGH!

So I got the neighbor to come over and look at the mess in my yard. My now junk yard. Then I got him to talk to my landlord. His excuse for not fixing it is that he doesn't have the money. Chicken wire is twenty pesos. I know because I just bought some. He is too busy starting up his marathon Christmas party that lasts from now until after Christmas. (Beer costs a lot more than a bit of chicken wire.) 

My landlord came over with his wife and they added more to the barrier. Here is the newest addition.

He added bricks and a long board and even threw in a spare tire. That long board is wired down. What do you think? Would you bet on it holding? Do you think my garden should be photographed for a gardener's magazine? 

I am continuing with this saga so people can see what happens in Mexico with irresponsible neighbors. There is no government agency to call. In Mexico everyone is on his or her own.  It helps if you have a lot of tolerance. Tolerance is something I ran out of on the last go around with the pit bull. 


  1. wow ...that looks so dangerous for all of you what if those cinder blocks or tire fall right down on chico or your cat? this looks like a monty python skit except that you are dealing with a potentially deranged pitbull nightmare!!

    I can't believe that your landlord doesn't know someone with basic carpentry skills to erect a proper defense ..meanwhile, you should all stay out of that courtyard till this is resolved to your satisfaction otherwise, your stress will go way too high and potentially create more problems for you this xmas season

    so sorry for you,


    1. Hi Marilyn. That board is wired down with thick wire. I think it will hold. I am seriously considering moving out because of my neighbor. I have never met anyone as socially irresponsible as this neighbor. His behaviors have made my life miserable. Thanks for writing. P

  2. ok, does that mean the tire and cinder blocks would fall to your neighbor's side if there was a disturbance from the dog (who looks like he is having a great time, btw!) that might not be so bad .. he would start to take you seriously

  3. Hi Marilyn, yes, he does look happy. Maybe it is all the attention he is getting. If the bricks fall on the other side they just fall onto their roof. All day I have been dealing with the noise from their house in the front and stinky burning plastic in the back. I am ready to move out of here. Unfortunately, yesterday I signed another year lease. I will be ready for an institution by then. At this point, having those bricks fall on my head wouldn't bother me any more than I am already bothered. It might be a relief if it took me to a different place. Boy, I am depressed. P

  4. Depressing and dangerous, no way to live, please move as soon as possible to a more pleasant place.
    I'm sure your landlord will understand.

  5. Pat, I don't like pit-bulls. All owners say their dogs are sweet and harmless and they are constantly attacking people. Why can't you block the window?

    1. Thanks for writing. All that mess out there is me trying to block the window..... It would be easy from his side but of course he won't do it. P