Saturday, December 16, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I took this photo at the nursery in October. I may have already put it on the blog but I am doing it again because the marigolds are so bright, like sunshine. Today we have no sunshine. It rained last night and this morning. So it is gloomy and grey outside.  And cold. 

I was planning on going to the nursery again today but the outing was cancelled due to the rain. So I am stuck inside, waiting to see if it will get nice enough to take a walk with Chico. 

Last night there were once again loud fireworks and my neighbor's pit bull tried to get over the barrier that my landlord had put up to keep him out. Chicken wire and black plastic. I heard the poor dog out there crying and I went to see what had happened. He had broken through the black plastic with his nose and it was stuck in the plastic. I started to go next door to get the dog's owner to help out but he got out by himself. So this morning my landlord went off to find more reinforcements. This is becoming a never ending process. He puts up barriers and the dog, in desperation, breaks through them. And I shell out more money..... and of course the dog's owner does nothing except bring him back to his house. 

I think the landlord is getting some kind of thorny plant to put up there. I feel sorry for the dog but also for my lost peace of mind. Christmas is coming and the parties have already started. My neighbor has had one party already. No sleep for me.   I am dreading the Christmas holidays. Don't think I slept much at all for two weeks around Christmas time last year.  I would go someplace else except for my animals. I am stuck here with all the noise and chaos and the continuous dog problem. I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays. I will just be glad when they are over. 

My landlord, Pepe, returned and is now fortifying the barrier with branches of a thorny plant. You can see the black plastic that the dog stuck his nose through last night and the chicken wire that the dog got past. We will see if the thorns will keep him in his own yard. I don't have much faith in anything we try. When the dog gets scared he just acts on instinct and jumps my barrier to get out. But we will keep on trying to hold him back. 


  1. hi pat,

    what a beautiful marigold ... I think I will buy one for my deck here thanks for sharing that beam of sunshine!

    about the pitbull .. it seems to me that a thorny barrier has potential to hurt and enrage a frightened dog - I say don't do it!

    I have a stiff plexiglass barrier (clear plastic) which works perfectly for my small dog to keep him from escaping ...I suggest that you find the same in a larger size to keep that dog out

    happy holidays from northern california!


    1. Thanks Marilyn. The thorns aren't very long. Hopefully they will just make him get down. I will wait and see. I think they won't hurt him, just irritate him. If it doesn't work I will probably roll up more chicken wire and stuff it in that area. Thanks for your suggestion. P

  2. You may be right. I am rethinking it. I sure don't want to hurt the dog. P