Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I am trying to just get through this winter weather without getting sick again. That means staying away from crowds and sitting at home by the heater.  Lately it has been in the mid thirties or lower at night and not that much higher in the days. Right now it is just fifty two degrees. After living here for ten years, I am not used to it being this cold. I know people living in snow think this isn't cold but it it is all in your perspective.  I have never felt a winter this cold here. 

It is too cold for me to swim or even walk around in and Chico also feels it. He is old now and after a block, he is ready to come home. He must have arthritis in his joints. I do too and am glad to turn around and walk home. 

I am used to my glasses now and yesterday I got my hair cut. She really chopped it up. All I can say is that I am glad it will grow back. I can't hide out in my house until that happens so I just have to get used to it.  At least I know it will eventually grow back. I didn't know that when not long ago I lost almost all of my hair. I thought I was going to be bald the rest of my life, so a bad haircut isn't that upsetting. 

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I will just be glad when the days get longer and warmer. 

Sorry that I don't have anything exciting to write about. Not much happening in my house these days except for the neighbor's pit bull that has been breaking out of a window in  his house and onto the roof of my washing area. He gets scared by all the loud fireworks. Sometimes it sounds like a war zone here. 

He stands up in my roof as my tiles fall to the patio and shatter, crying like a baby because he is afraid to jump down. He has done this eight times and still my neighbor does nothing to close up his window that has no cover over it. So my landlord keeps putting up barriers that the dog overcomes. And I keep paying for him to do that. I am afraid of pit bulls. They are unpredictable. I just read about one that killed his owner, a 77 year old woman. He had been living with her for six years and was never aggressive and one day he turned on her.  

I think I have a photo of the fence my creative landlord recently put up. We will see how long that will work. Each fix becomes more elaborate than the one before and so far, the pit bull has gotten past all of them. And of course I keep paying. I wonder if the owner of the dog, the dog and my landlord are all in cahoots, just to get my money. But no, the dog can't talk and is genuinely scared. My landlord is genuinely doing his best to plug up the window from our side and the neighbor who owns the dog is genuinely indifferent to it all. He just comes over when called, apologizes to me and coaxes his dog down from the roof, along with more broken tiles. 

This is the fence he put on top of my wash room area. Now that my pretty little garden area has been turned into a junk yard, I hope that pit bull will stay away. Except that lots of dogs love junk yard. I hope this pit bull isn't one of them. 

Here I am with my new glasses and new terrible haircut.  

It isn't very encouraging when the first thought after getting a bad haircut is, "Well, it will eventually grow out." Or "it is better than being bald." 



  1. Happy holidays Patricia, try to tough out the cold, cuddle up with Chico!

    1. Hi Peter, good to hear from you. Thank you for the holiday good wishes. Same to you.p

  2. You are too critical of yourself---I think the haircut is VERY STYLISH and the glasses as well. Both look great. It was 29 degrees here this morning but beautiful clear blue skys and 62 this afternoon.

  3. Thank you Larry. Very kind of you. P

  4. Pat, I think your haircut is great! It looks good on you.