Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I haven't been writing much lately since having pneumonia.  I still am not completely recovered. Then my cat knocked my glasses onto the floor and broke them. I am so nearsighted that I can't see much past three feet in front of me. I have been sticking close to home, afraid of falling or worse, being run over with all this traffic. But today I took Chico to the market. He loves to go there. So many interesting things to see and smell. Since I can't see much, I didn't take any pictures. I was just focused on not falling down. I was going to buy chicken but there was a crowd of people thinking the same thing at their stand. 

I walked back to the local chicken lady in my neighborhood. She sells fresh chicken out of her yard. It was nice there. No other customers. I bought the legs and thighs of one chicken for fifty pesos. My cat has me now trained to cook fresh chicken for her and of course I can't give it to her and not Chico. I miss the good old days when they were both happy with dry food. They will never come again. Olive was a wild cat, living in my old neighborhood years ago. She decided that I belonged to her so she hung around my house for months and stood on the bars on my window, gazing in at me and Chico until I finally let her inside. Now she sleeps in my arms at night, has me cooking chicken for her meals and sleeps in the sunshine in my garden during the day. I should just call it her garden. She always sleeps in the most comfortable chair. I have learned a lot about the value of persistence from her. I never wanted a cat but now she has me. 

I took a picture of the chicken lady. Her name is the same as mine but they pronounce it as Patty in Spanish. She knows me now and Chico. She is very nice and her chicken is fresh. Here is a photo of her. She sells Monday through Friday from the mornings until she is out of chicken. If you live in this neighborhood, she is easy to find. Just walk a block and a half up Revolution, above the carratera and you will see her green sign.  Chico and I enjoy that short walk and she is always welcoming, even if she is out of chicken for the day. I like buying things from the locals. 

Patty, the chicken lady. What a beautiful smile. And she is usually smiling.

I get new glasses tomorrow. I sure hope they will be okay. It is hard to find a competent optometrist in this town. I ordered them from the woman at the Lake Chapala Society.