Friday, January 6, 2017

Three Kings' Day

Today is Three Kings' Day. It is the day that the children get their gifts, although I think they also get gifts on Christmas Day and also on the other days before Christmas when they break open the piƱatas. Okay, children are getting gifts all the time during the Christmas season. I think this may be the last day. In the Ajijic Plaza at six this evening there will be a gift giving ceremony for the children. But I am too tired to walk down to it. It is also very hot today. The beginning of January and it is HOT here..... I wonder what May will be like this year.  

It is also the day of the special sweet bread that has six small plastic statues of the Baby Jesus in it. The six people who get the statues have to pay for a party on Feb. 3rd. They decide between them who will host it. Here is a photo of the bread. Unfortunately you can't see how big it is from the photo. It takes up a large part of the counter at my local grocery store. I also put photos on of the store and the cat that belongs to the owners of the store.

Three Kings Bread.  It costs 150 pesos. More than that if you are the one of the lucky or unlucky ones to get a baby Jesus.



Happy Three Kings' Day Everyone.  I am thinking that it MIGHT BE another loud party night here. I sure hope not. I have been enjoying my sleep for the past few days. 

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