Sunday, January 15, 2017

My morning grocery cost at the local store

It has been a long time since I have put on the cost of my groceries. I like to shop at my local grocery store. It is open every day of the week. So here is a photo of what I just bought. 


I hate to have to admit to some of the junk that I eat. But here goes. Half a gallon of milk, ( I am still feeding the little kefir grains and they like a lot of milk,). Two large beautiful apples that I take to the spa when I swim. Two bananas, three tomatoes, one cube of butter, six fresh eggs, one dark chocolate dove bar, one bolillo bread in case I want to make a sandwich, in the two plastic bags on the right are bacon on the lower right and above it is a slice of ham. I also have some fresh homemade string cheese which is in a plastic bag just below the milk. And two instant lunches that I have been eating a lot of lately. I like to mix the string cheese in with it and maybe some veggies. I have been too lazy to cook much lately and this works great. And then four large black plastic garbage bags.  The price of all of this? 170 pesos. Which in American money this morning is 7.91535 dollars. So almost eight dollars total. Not bad. Not bad at all.  

So why does the local store give credit to so many of the people who shop there? I just looked at the minimum wage here. It went up on January 1st of this year from 73.04 pesos a day to 80.04 pesos a day..  Now that is about half of what I paid for my groceries this morning. I know many Mexicans make more than this minimum wage. But still, this local store caters to a lot of Mexicans who cannot afford to get through until their payday without credit for their groceries. After reading this, I don't feel quite so happy. I feel sad for my neighbors who are struggling and especially now that the price of gas has just gone up twenty percent. I wonder, how do they make it financially???  And then my second question is this: How would I make it financially in the United States these days with the prices of everything so high? 

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