Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mother and her children on the local bus

I am going to a series of lectures on Saturday mornings about health care and other issues dealing with living and dying here. On my way home I was sitting near this Mexican woman and her children. They were so beautiful and inspiring that I asked if I could take their pictures. They agreed, and the kids loved seeing themselves in the photos. I have been reacting very negatively to Trump becoming president, as have millions of others all around the world and this family cheered me up. 

There was a rally here and a march to support the women's march in Washington but by the time I got home from the lecture I didn't have enough energy to walk down there. This morning I woke up wishing I had gone. Maybe it would have helped with the depression and fear I have about what is going to be happening to the United States and the rest of the world because of Trump being president.  So here are the photos of  the bus family.  Chldren, they are so precious. They are our future. We must do everything we can to protect them. I hope my fears about Trump are unfounded. 



There were so many children sitting with their mother that this little girl was sitting next to me. It cheers me up just to look at these photos. I hope they make you smile too.  I love living here and riding the local buses and meeting the Mexican people. I feel very blessed. One more comment about this family. I don't know what their financial situation is or anything else about them except the love I see between them all. To me, THIS is what Quality of Life is all about.   


  1. Hola, we went to the March. It was great, so many people. Americans, Mexicans and Canadians. Look on my Facebook page, I put up pictures. Plus an article about people from all over the world marching.

    1. What is your facebook page. I invite you to send me a friend request/or I will send you one.

  2. I love your inter-action with the local families. This is how strong friendships are formed. Hope they enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed them. I also am ashamed of Trumps message to other parts of the world and here at home. If he represents American Values---WE--have no hope for a future. Glad you are safe in Ajijic.

  3. Hi Larry, again, thank you for keeping in touch with me. I too am worried about the future with Trump as president. P

  4. OH lord. Drop the worried about Trump thing. Jesus....Dumbass libtards getting freaked out over NOTHING.

  5. I think you missed my point completely. P