Sunday, January 8, 2017

Morning Thoughts

You can see that Chico and Olive love to sit in the sunshine, even though it is so bright that they have to keep their eyes closed.
Extreme close up of hairless me. The other day my friend Don told me that when I was at the Lake Chapala Society, a woman mentioned something to him about my cute pixie haircut. She was wondering where I got it. Don said to her, "You wouldn't want to get one the way she got hers." And he told her the story of me almost dying and three months later losing my hair and it coming in grey and very very short. I am starting to get used to it. It is great for swimming. It dries almost immediately. I must look at the bright side.....
Chico got a haircut a few days ago. Now I don't have so much hair to sweep up around my house.

I got an e mail finally from the real estate agent in Aguascalientes about that beautiful house that I liked. I put two houses on my blog. It was the white one that I liked because it had a swimming pool and was only 67,000 dollars. She said it has already been sold. So sad. I had been imagining me living there in that huge house out in the country with my own pool and lots of room for Chico and Olive. The other house is also beautiful but has no pool and is almost twice the price. So that one is out. Maybe I am just restless here from three weeks of not being able to go to the spa. It has been far too crowded to try to swim laps. And also from all the noise here. So the combination of very little sleep and no swimming has made me want to escape. 
But Aquascalientes isn't the answer. It is a very large city. I like small towns. I also don't want to have to have a car. Plus, all my friends are here. What was I thinking????   Oh well, it kept me occupied for a few days with the fantasy of a brand new life. I have a great life now that Christmas is over and I will be able to start swimming again tomorrow.   I must remember to practice more patience when things look bad. One thing about Mexico and maybe it is true for a lot of other places, IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY THINGS ARE, WAIT. THEY WILL CHANGE.....  Sometimes they change for the worst instead of the better but they WILL change....


  1. All of you look happy and very content and I hope the year brings good things to you.

    1. Thank you Scott. I hope the best for you too this year. P