Friday, September 16, 2016

Photos of the Children's Games at the Ajijic Plaza

I had a lot of fun yesterday evening at the plaza. It was an event for the children. There were a lot of games and prizes. Unfortunately I missed my favorite one where the kids climb up a greased pole to get prizes at the top. I still don't have as much energy as I would like so I have to leave events early. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. As I walked around taking the photos I kept thinking over and over, I LOVE MEXICO, I LOVE MEXICO, I LOVE MEXICO.....   
This little boy was upset because he got out of the race too quickly but he cheered up.
This is the greased pole with the prizes at the top.
These guys were all waiting by the stage to go up and eat hot peppers. That was one of the games.


  1. We were visiting in Chapala a and Ajijic earlier in September when you were so ill. But spent time in the plaza, and so feel like I was there at this celebration through your pictures. Delightful.