Saturday, September 24, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Olive's morning routine is to sit by my computer while I am working and when she gets bored, she  jumps to my window and watches people walk to work.

 Chico likes to stay in bed as long as possible.

I bought these flowers at the Weds. Market and they are just opening up. They have a wonderful fragrance too.

I usually wake up before the sun rises. I like to make coffee and read my e mails first thing. Olive often follows me around complaining about one thing or another. Usually if I turn on a faucet so she can drink water as it flows out, she is happy. We lead very simple lives here. I am appreciating my daily routines, especially since I came so close to dying. It is good to live and I am happy that I didn't die. I would like to see my family again before that happens. I haven't seen them in over a year. I miss them. But we all have to follow our own dreams. My dream has always been to live in Mexico. Well, not ALWAYS. I would say it started when I visited San Blas fifteen years ago. My friend Pat, from San Blas will be here a few more days. I have known her fifteen years now. She is a special friend to me. I will miss her when she leaves. I am mostly a loner and rarely spend time with friends. Now that I can swim again, I often go to the spa for a few hours in the mornings. And when I come home I am too tired to visit with anyone. Like I wrote already, I lead a very SIMPLE life.    


  1. Good Morning--and you made the correct choice of a SIMPLE LIFE. I worked in a pressure cooker corporate environment for 34 years. I now live on 10 acres of country land and can not see a neighbor in any direction. I do have animals--mostly--farm type animals but they are only PETS. I do have a couple friends that come by--but mostly enjoy doing what I want to do//when I want//with people of my choosing. I tell family that I don't have time to get lonely. I am enjoying this PHASE of my life the most SO FAR.

    1. Hi Larry, Thanks for writing. Sounds like a great life to me.... P

  2. The older I get, the more I realize how much I want a simpler life. Just spend some time looking at homes for sale in rural areas...just dreaming, can't retire yet.
    :) Karen in VA

  3. Hi Karen, Good to hear from you. I also like to look for homes for sale but I have no intention of buying one. P