Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning Thoughts--Health Care

I am going to try to rewrite what I wrote this morning and then disappeared.  I have no idea of why my blogger program isn't working. This will be a shortened version because it may not post. 

I am looking for helpers for the next emergency I might have and also for anyone else. I cannot afford another twelve thousand dollar private hospital bill so I will have to go to the public hospital. It is essential to have someone with you in those hospitals. A person who speaks good Spanish and English. You need a translator and also the same person has to act as your nurse. But people who are able and willing to do this are very hard to find. So far, after looking and putting up signs and asking everyone I know, I have found only six people to put on my list. I want to get at least eight and so far I only have one woman. I need women.

I know that most of my readers aren't living in this area. But if you do live here and you know anyone who is able and willing to be on this list, please give that person my information. I want to get this list out to people. When an emergency hits, then it is too late to start looking. 

Okay, let's see if this post publishes......


  1. What an excellent idea! I spent a few hours in a a private hospital emergency room in Mazatlan. Even though the doctor and a couple of the nurses spoke basic english, my Mexican friend who speaks excellent english was a savior for me. She was able to not only translate for me, but also interpret what the medical people really meant. You are very wise to develop such a list.

  2. Thanks Kathie, But it is very hard to get helpers. P

  3. GREAT idea!!!!!!!


  4. Hi Patricia,

    I just finished reading your blog from the very beginning and I loved it. I was so sad to see that you had almost passed away! I'm so happy to read that you are almost feeling better. I hope you find some great helpers. My husband and I definitely want to move overseas when we retire and after doing some research about other areas and countries, we feel Ajijic & Lake Chapala is where we want to be. It sounds like a small enough community where you can get to know other people and able to walk to a lot of places, which is ideally what we were looking for. We're planning on making a visit next year to check out the area and see if it's the right fit for us.

    I read that Lake Medical Group which is located next to Café Magana in Riberas across from Car City accepts Medicare. Just wondering if you looked into them.

    Your friend,
    Lynne in Dallas

  5. Hi Lynne, Good to hear from you and congratulations for reading all of my blog. Even I wouldn't attempt to do that. Thank you for your good wished. Contact me when you come down and we can meet up. I do not believe that Lake Mecical Group or any other group here accepts Medicare... thanks, p

  6. Hi Pat,

    First, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Does your iPad have a note or memo app? For any of your longer blog posts with a lot of text (such as the birthday "Morning Thoughts" or "Returning to the land of the living"), you may want to compose the text part(s) using one of those and save it. When ready simply copy/paste it to Blogger; inserting photos where necessary. That way, if it fails or times out when posting, at least you won't have to retype the text that you were satisfied with. Obviously if it is just a couple of sentences it wouldn't be worth the effort.

    Just a thought.

    Scott (IT guy in Fort Worth)