Thursday, September 29, 2016

City Sandwich Food Truck

This food truck is parked next to the Waffle House in West Ajijic. They have only been there about two months. Their food is delicious. All they serve are five different sandwiches from five different cities. I noticed a lot of southern and Texas accents of people who go there because it is their kind of food. I had the S. Carolina barbecued pork, delicious. And the Philly Cheese sandwich. He also makes a catfish sandwich and I had a piece of his homemade pecan pie. What a treat. Look at the top of the truck and you will see the names of the cities.
My friend Pat is sitting on the left with two of her friends next to her.
 The last two photos are of the owner and his wife. I hope they make a success of the business and stay. I love their food. They are both very nice and I enjoy eating there. 

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