Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The continuing saga of trying to use IMSS

I wrote that the IMSS people did not schedule my appointment to see a specialist. I waited an entire month and took several trips to see if it was posted on the board. Finally, my helper, Gabriel, went and he found out that they did not schedule my appointment because they did not know that I have no restrictions on my membership. Well, I am sure they have a copy of my current receipt and stamped on the front it says NO RESTRICTIONS. They did not notify me that they were not processing my request to see the knee specialist because of this.... Gabriel had to come to my house and get my receipt with proof of no restrictions stamped on it and take it back to the Chapala office. He showed it to the woman working there. She said, Now you have to show this to the DIRECTOR HERE.....  She gave him the director's phone number. He has to call the director and schedule an appointment to go back and show HIM the receipt....  his time and effort I am paying for. Fortunately, he is giving me a break on the price for his work. I think he is feeling sorry for me. I cannot do all of this because it is too far for me to go and my KNEE hurts to walk.

So I ask you, do you think they are giving me the run around? I have a friend here who said to me that she gave up IMSS for this very reason. They gave her the run around for so long that she finally quit trying to get help through them.....  This is my experience with IMSS. Maybe other people have been successful using it. I have not.....  

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