Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gabriel Orea---helper, healer, driver, translator, advisor, etc.

This is a photo of my indispensable helper Gabriel Orea. He has been driving me to the IMSS clinic, acting as my interpreter there, giving me emotional support and taking me shopping.  If you need any help, I highly recommend him. He also drives people to and from the airport in Guadalajara. He is studying natural healing and uses herbs to accomplish that. He teaches meditation and helps people with their varied problems, from the practical level to the emotional and spiritual levels. He lives in La Floresta, Ajijic. He has two casitas that he rents out and is willing to rent them for short periods of time, one or two months. That is hard to find here. Most owners won't rent a place for less than six months. I saw photos of one of the casitas and it is lovely. There is a large yard and a swimming pool on the property. It rents for 600 dollars a month. He will rent it short term or long term. This is a man who can solve many of your problems.

E mail him at or call him at (045) 331 348 3228   He is also a language teacher.  I highly recommend him. He is reliable and caring. He is always on time or even a little early. He is patient. He is knowledgable about many different things here as he grew up in this area. His English is perfect and so is his Spanish. He is a real treasure. One more thing not to be overlooked, his prices are very reasonable. Just ask him and you will be pleasantly surprised. 


  1. Thanks for the info on Gabriel. Good to see he wears so many "hats." I am saving this so we can call him too. My husband has been wanting to take private Spanish lessons.

  2. He sure has the right name. Gabriel was an Angel who announced the birth of Jesus.

  3. It's a sign. My personal situation has just changed which will allow me to move to Lake Chapala. I will contact Gabriel; he looks like a great one to know.

  4. thanks for your great comments... willing to offer my best all the time... have a great day

    1. I am guessing this is Gabriel. Thank you for commenting. P