Saturday, May 14, 2016

Morning Thoughts, The Beginning of the Rainy Season

Two nights ago we had our first big thunderstorm. The rain was coming down fast and hard. I was in bed, trying to sleep (it was almost midnight) when I heard a banging on my front door. I got up in my underwear and cracked it to see who was there and my landlord pushed his way into my room. He was carrying a bucket and he looked frantic. He doesn't speak any English and my Spanish is terrible so most of our communication is by hand and body language. He pointed to the street and I finally figured out that he meant the street was flooded. He rushed back to my bedroom with the bucket. I guess he was expecting my room to be flooded too. Fortunately, months ago, I had made some waterproof curtains which I close over my back doors. They are half windows but with no glass, just screens over them. Only a little bit of water had made it into my room.  He was relieved and went to his own apartment upstairs. (I doubt if he even noticed that I was almost naked. That is one good thing about being old, no one notices what you do or wear. More freedom!)
This was my introduction to this year's rainy season. A frantic landlord visiting me in the night.  

A few days ago I met a very nice woman who was selling all her furniture so she could return to the United States to live. She wanted to be near her three grandchildren. Number one reason that people leave here, especially the women.  So in a moment of insanity I bought some of her furniture. What was I thinking? I can't pass up a bargain. Also, I really like the kitchen table and four chairs. I will take photos of it when it arrives this morning. IF it arrives this morning. It is supposed to arrive this morning but this is Mexico, the land of Manana.  I will have to decide what furniture I can part with and put it up for sale or else I wouldn't have room to walk around in my little place. Think Tiny House.  That makes it sound more romantic. I could decide to rent a larger place but why pay hundreds of dollars more rent every month in order to keep furniture I bought on a whim because it was a bargain?  

Here are photos of Chico and Olive this morning. Chico is in his favorite spot on the bed and Olive is in her favorite spot by the open window. I don't know what I would do without these two loving beings. I sure would be lonely.


I love the eyes in this photo. Spirit cat.


Chico is sitting on my quilt, made by my grandmother and patched by my dear friend Virginia. Thank you Virginia for saving my treasure!

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