Saturday, May 7, 2016

Morning Thoughts

I haven't been writing much on my new blog style. For some reason it doesn't feel like mine anymore. Some stranger's blog. It is just my tendency to not want changes. That is why I don't travel. Also, my bad knee but sometimes I think my bad knee is just an excuse to stay home. This morning when I woke up and looked out my window I thought, I love my life. The only thing missing is my inability to write. I bought a little wicker desk and put it facing my garden. My writing place. Yet I have not written a word there. Instead, I space out in the afternoons, sitting in front of my fan, watching Netflix. I guess when I finally watch everything available on it, I will be forced to do something else. I would like it to be writing but it probably won't be that.  Here are some photos of my view when I wake up in the morning and of my garden. I have some flowers blooming out there now. I love my little garden. It is just the right size for me.

I went to see a house for sale in San Juan Cosala a few days ago, thinking I would be better off if I owned a place and then no one could ever evict me again.  What a terrible place!  Sixty thousand dollars.  The floors would have to be replaced. The kitchen was just a small tiled area with only one faucet. No hot water. The bathroom was just a toilet and horrible shower.  The bedrooms were water stained and only one plug per room, up three feet off the floor. The back yard was a mess and I was informed that half of it belonged to the neighbor and I would have to put up a fence, at my expense of course....  Well, one thing about looking at it, I now appreciate my place even more.  No more looking at places to buy.  Life is good for me right where I am. In case I don't write anything tomorrow, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, a day early.....




Here is a sample of that sixty thousand dollar house. The first photo is of the shower. The second one is the so called kitchen. The third one is one of the bedrooms.


I do like the tile work. Nothing else.



  1. Hi Pat: Stay where you are as buying a house would be a money pit. Relax and enjoy what you have there. :) P.

    1. Hi Peggy, I agree with you. Wish you were here to spend Mother's Day with your mom. P

  2. Hi, About your blog that doesn't feel like yours anymore......Look at Steve Cotton's. His is also blogspot. I think what you need to do is stretch and shrink the size of the sections. Grab and pull like you do with the iPad. If you look at his layout, it is the same, but he has made the right section wider and the left (text) section narrower. Even the space between the entries is the same, his is just a little thicker. I think if you can find the arrows (or whatever) to resize the sections, you will feel more at "home" with it. Good luck.