Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Morning Thoughts, Mother's Day in Ajijic

Today is Mother's Day here. I was planning on going to the spa again this morning but my poor old body says no, not today. I must think of something less stressful on it.  All those laps sometimes take a toll. Chico would have some suggestions if he could talk. The Plaza? The Tuesday Market? The Lake Chapala Society? Bruno's? Salvador's? The malecon? Visiting our friends? So many choices. My bad knee limits things.

Nothing has happened with IMSS about my knee. Someone online suggested that I hire an attorney to get them to finally make an appointment for me. I will wait a bit longer before going in that direction. It is frustrating enough without involving yet another person in the process. Besides, hiring attorneys is the American way, not the Mexican way. In the meantime my knee is a little better. Swimming helps.  And Gabriel is constantly going by to try to get something started for me. Maybe I should have gone with Seguro Popular instead of IMSS.  At least SP is free. 

Here is a photo of the beautiful trees that are now blooming all over town. I think they are called Flame Trees. First it was months of the blue Jacaranda trees and now these. I will take some more photos when I am out and about today with Chico. That is always a fun thing to do. When I first started this blog I always had my camera in my hand. Then after over 70,000 photos of this small area of Mexico, I got bored and quit taking so many.  But these trees are pretty and I wanted to share this photo with you. 

Happy Mexican Mother's Day.


I was sitting in the shade on a park bench at the Ajijic Plaza when I took this photo.


  1. Hey Pat,
    Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it gets better with your swimming. I was thinking the same thing you thought, hiring an attorney sounds like the American way. It might work the fist time--maybe- but you can be sure the next time they'd find another way to slow things down even more.

    That tree-- in the US we call them Royal Poinciana. In Latin America, I have head them called "Flamboyant", aka, "flame trees". They are very common in Miami and other parts of South Florida too.

    Hope your knee feels better soon.
    JimS. in Seattle

    1. Hi JimS, Thank you for your concern for my bad knee and for the name of the trees. GOod to hear from you again. P

  2. I always love that grouping of Poinciana trees in the plaza! They were the first beautiful thing that I saw when I moved down here a couple of years ago!

    1. Thank you for writing and for the name of those trees. P

  3. Pat I remember sitting in that plaza having coffee with you - I miss that time we had. The trees were not in bloom however. One day I will be back...not in the heat and humidity though. :)

  4. Hi Peggy, yes, that was fun. Keep in touch. Your friend, p

  5. What beautiful trees! I don't think I've ever seen any like them. At least not in bloom.
    Take care,
    Karen in VA