Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Morning Thoughts-- Inexpensive motel in Chapala

Yesterday I went to Chapala and met my friend Tom at the American Legion. He bought me a delicious steak for lunch and then we walked over to look at the motel where I stayed when I first came to live in this area. It is just half a block up from the Chapala Plaza. You can find it by the life size plastic cow in front of the pet food store which is in the same building. It is two stories. Orange and white. I enjoyed living there. I just had one room but I could cook in it and the rent was only 200 American Dollars a month. It hasn't changed in the ten years I have been here. He, Beto, also has large two room places with a regular kitchen for 300 American Dollars a month. It is a good deal and so close to everything, yet not too noisy.

I see Beto from time to time at the spa and I have taken other people to rent  his place. You can rent it by the day, week or month. Of course it is more expensive by the day or week. I have a couple of other posts with photos of it on my blog but at the moment I don't know the dates they were posted. A long ways back!  There are only two places available at the moment. I asked him if he has many vacancies and he said, People stay here until they die. Recently six or seven people have died in here and their bodies had to be hauled out. ( I guess there were so many deaths that he hadn't counted them.)

Anyway, it is a good place to land and to stay long term. (Maybe not until you die.) I enjoyed living in Chapala. It is an exciting town. Beto isn't home much but I got his new phone number. If you are interested in it, please DON'T CONTACT ME!   call Beto: 333 495 8535.    Sometimes he is hard to contact. Keep trying. 

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