Thursday, March 17, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I didn't know it was today until my friend in the States told me on the phone this morning. I can call the States for free with my landline. This is because Carlos Slim, the owner of Telmex, believes there shouldn't be any borders between there and here. He calls this program, WITHOUT BORDERS.   All I have to do is dial 001 and then the area code and number. It works much better than my skype that seems to be getting worse everyday. Now it doesn't even ring when someone tries to call me. My video part doesn't work and half the time I can't see people on the line either. And there is no one to talk to about these problems. 

I am going to the spa today for the last time until well after Easter. It is already getting too crowded and I can't use my tickets after next Tuesday and one week after Easter but I wouldn't want to go anyway. It is always filled with screaming kids. So the next couple of weeks will be for doing errands, cleaning house, doing taxes, etc.   Not looking forward to that. 

Pat went home yesterday morning. It takes about seven hours and two changes of buses to get from Guadalajara to San Blas. I am kind of lonely here now. I really enjoyed her visit. 

Here is a photo of Chico waiting by my spa bag. He knows I am getting ready to go and he wants to go with me but dogs are not allowed in the spa. Sorry Chico.

Another photo of the morning sun coming in my only window. I love these window shots.


  1. Love the photo of Chico, and the window picture looks like a step back in time...lovely!
    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Good to hear from you. P

  3. Interesting info about calling for free!
    Chico is very cute.

  4. Hi Cathy, Thank you for commenting. P