Saturday, March 19, 2016

Morning Thoughts--Pots, bread, gardenias and Easter crowds

It is early morning and still quiet outside except for the cooing of a dove. I love hearing that sound. I makes me feel peaceful. But the Easter insanity has already started here. Too much traffic. It takes me a long time just to get across the carretera. It will be even worse today as people flood in for the holidays. No swimming for me for two weeks.  A friend invited me to take the bus to her house this evening for a home cooked meal. At first I said yes and then I thought about it more. The buses will be packed. So I had to decline. Also, my knee is starting to hurt again.

I live in a Mexican neighborhood now and people are always coming by here trying to sell me something. Last night, three boys came here with a galvanized dish pan full of homemade bread. I have seen how it is cooked, in an outdoor kiln. It is delicious. I bought a bread for ten pesos. They were so happy that I bought one. Earlier in the day a man walked by carrying two enormous flower pots made out of clay. They were strapped with rope around his neck and one on each side of him. I don't know how he managed to carry them. It was hot and he was exhausted and sweating. I bought them partly because I felt so sorry for him, having to walk around with them strapped on, as if he were a donkey. He even brought them into my garden. I couldn't have picked one of them up because they were too heavy. So today I am going to find some potting soil and put some flowers in them. They cost me 250 pesos. That is about seven dollars each. Here is a photo of them.

Some of the flowers in my garden are blooming. 

This is half the bread. I already ate some of it. 

This is the bread along with my first gardenia from my garden. See how the top of the bread is black. That is from the way it is cooked in the kiln. Great stuff. I shouldn't have bought it because it is too addictive. 

All in all, even though it will be insane here for the next two weeks, I have a great life.  My friend Nicks is taking me out to breakfast along with his dog named Dog and Chico. They recently returned from the States. He had to go back to get rid of the rest of his things. As soon as he arrived there, he wrote to me that he hated it and could hardly wait to get back to Mexico. Pat was the same way. She came here from a short trip to the States. Life is hard up that way. Okay, so this place is flooded with people for a couple of weeks. But they are having fun. There is a feeling of festivities in the air everywhere. Sure beats hanging out in malls up that way.  I am not going to go on and on about this because since I have been here for so long, I don't think about it much. I rarely even think that I am in Mexico. I just think of it as my home.... Home Sweet Home.....  I wonder what the next person knocking on my door or yelling in my window, is going to be selling.....


  1. You are one lucky lady. But I'm with you. That bread would be a temptation that I could never resist. :)

  2. Thank you for commenting Kathie. P

  3. I must adnit that we both felt so at home in San Miguel de Allende for three months. It felt so normal to live and shop with the locals. Only the wine purchase made us go to the Mega. We loved the architecure and the cobbled streets. All the friendly smiles. The weather was nice except in the early mornings or late evenings. Stone houses get cold. Coming back to Vancouver was not nice, cold and wet and boring.

    I am tryin to figure out how to afford to return to Mexico, keep our canadian medical coverage and find cheaper accomadation both here and Mexico.
    Some people are shocked that we loved Mexico with all our hearts, and were not happy to return to all the mod coms.
    Peter did write about our travels. Check it out if you have time.

  4. Thank you for writing. I will check out your blog. P

  5. Beautiful pots. Looking forward to seeing your garden grow this summer.