Sunday, March 20, 2016

Morning Thoughts

I walked down to the nursery and bought this plant and potting soil for my new pot. One down, one more to go. If you look at the top of the photo, you will see the papayas growing in my tree. But they never ripen. I tried to eat a green one once. One bitter bite was one bite too many.

Today is Palm Sunday, the official beginning of Easter week, although people have been streaming into town all week long. Yesterday, when I walked down to the nursery, I wanted to go to El Torito but I couldn't even cross the carretera. There was too much traffic and no one was stopping for me. The woman at the nursery suggested that for the next two weeks that I do all my errands early in the morning and stay home in the afternoons because of all the traffic in town now. Good idea. But I have to go to the plaza this evening to take photos of the events. I am going to write about it for 

  I think I will leave Chico home this year. Last year, at the same event, there was so much going on that I got distracted and left Chico in the plaza. I started walking home and Jose, a man who has a shop in the plaza, was running after me with Chico on the leash. My immediate thought when I saw Chico was, That dog looks just like Chico.  It didn't register that it WAS Chico and that I had forgotten about him as I was busily taking photos.  Fortunately, I had been in Jose's shop earlier in the evening and he recognized Chico as he was wondering around in the crowd, looking for me. 

I hear a horse clomping by my window and roosters and the church bells and of course the morning dove. A man is whistling as he walks by. Again, I LOVE LIVING IN MEXICO..... Even though it is overcrowded now. It is only for two more weeks and then the winter Expats will be gone and the town will be quiet again. And then we will have a couple of our hottest months, And then the rainy season.  


  1. Hi Pat, I don't know if it's just me but I can't see your pictures. It's been going on for several months and I miss getting to see them. I do get the written part. Have a great day! Thanks, Betty

  2. Hi Betty, I done see any problem from this end. P

  3. Hi. I see the photos fine here

    1. Good. Thank you for letting me know. P