Monday, March 14, 2016

IMSS hospital No. 180 in Tlajomulco near Guadalajara


We left Ajijic at five thirty in the morning. Arrived at the hospital a little over an hour later. The lines were already getting long. I was thinking I would have to wait for a long time to get my blood test but the line moved along very quickly. I didn't wait to get an X Ray. I was too tired. Decided to do that back in Ajijic and pay the 300 pesos instead of waiting around another hour or longer in another line. It is a clean looking hospital. And the restroom was clean, even had toilet seats on the toilets but none of the toilet paper holders had any paper. Fortunately, my helper came prepared with a roll of paper in his backpack which he handed to me before I went into the restroom. It wasn't a bad experience but way too much effort just for a blood test or an X Ray.  Now I am registered and will only use it in case I have a big emergency..... The entire morning took us a little over four hours from start to finish.

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