Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Furniture (As if I needed new furniture)

My new dresser. You may wonder why I am blocking off my door to the garden. 
It is because Chico has already peed on my beautiful curtains once. I am now blocking them off so he can't get to them. I am always trying to outsmart Chico and Olive. They usually win.

This desk is on the other side to keep Chico away from the curtain. Plus it is nice that now I can work by the garden on my computer. I wanted to do that since the day I saw this place.  I have always loved wicker furniture. I made a deal with the local used furniture store owners just when they were piling it in the back of their store because no one wanted it. I had been looking at it for months.

The other part of my bedroom. I am not sleeping in here now because I have to keep the doors open for Chico and Olive at night and it is cold. What a we do for our animals!!!

This dresser is behind the bed in my front room. I had no headboard and this helps. I sleep in this room now because it is warmer. Chico always liked it better too. So he got his way.

And that chair has to be there so Chico can jump up onto the bed. He is getting old. Again, what we do for our pets. (I sometimes trip over it.)
My one window. Another reason that Chico likes this room. He can sit on the bed and look outside, watch the people walking past. Occasionally bark.

Chico and Olive on my front bed.

My Kitchen.

Notice the cabinet doors. All my cabinet doors are like that, easily pushed open by a cat's paw. Olive loves that. I find her in the strangest places.

My new bakers rack. And all my pots and pans are hanging there, easy to reach.

Part of my garden area. I am slowly putting in new plants.

I LOVE MY HOME......   Hope you don't mind that I am putting more photos on of it.
And once again, my rent is in pesos, 2500 a month. It keeps going down as the peso devalues. 
It is now hovering a little above 18 to the dollar.   Not bad for us. Not good for Canadians. 
Theirs is still 12 to their dollar. With this great exchange rate for us, I could easily afford to buy the furniture. One new development is that the two yappy chihuahuas that lived next door and were always barking at me whenever I went into my garden, have moved!  Like my friend Pat said to me, If you don't like something in Mexico, wait. It will change. She said that after a man moved across the street from her house and had a band and played the tuba at all hours of the day and night. Then he moved...... Patience is the key for living here.


  1. Your post this morning had all my favorites. A great used furniture deal, your house and garden, figuring how to accommodate our "roommates's" idiosyncrasies, Mexico, and a peaceful outcome of an annoying situation. Couldn'the ask for more.

  2. Thank you Kathie, I appreciate you commenting. P

  3. It is nice to see/read you enjoying your new home so much. I am becoming a more minimal person, but not a real "minimalist" yet. I keep finding things to sell or give away. Stay well! And congrats on the yappy dogs moving away!

    1. Hi Pat, good to hear from you. I like comforts too much to be a minimalist.

  4. I love your home too and I enjoy seeing pictures of it. I don't know anything about the weather there-but you mentioned one room being too cold with the door opened. How cold is it? I am in NYC where we have a big blizzard. We are virtually shut down!

    1. Hi Donna, you will laugh when I tell you that my cold is around 64 degrees with the door open. Keep warm. P

  5. What a cute place.. Your blog always has me dreaming of living there..

  6. Great furniture buys! Sorry to hear Chico peed on your curtains - how frustrating.
    I can see a big difference in your garden already. I am so glad you are happy in your new home.

  7. Pat, your new place looks so cute! I love the garden area!! I'm sure Chico does too. Who is the vet that you use?

    1. Thank you Lorrie, So far I haven't needed a vet but when I do, I will use the one across the street from El Torito because it is within walking distance of my house. He seems to be good too. I like him. P