Friday, January 8, 2016

Morning Thoughts

It is cool here in the mornings now. Too cool for me to want to go to the spa to swim. I went on Monday but it was still filled with screaming kids. The Christmas holidays lasted until Three Kings Day, which was on the 6th. But I figure that these two extra days before the weekend may still have lots of leftover holiday people. This and Easter are the busiest times of the year for the spa.  They raised the price again. Now it costs 240 pesos for one adult and I think 120 for one child. Imagine what that adds up to for just one family. They even have an ATM machine just in case people didn't bring enough money. I believe that most of these people come from other towns and they are not poor. 

Not many people here make over 50 pesos an hour. It would take several days for them to make enough to pay for the entrance fees for just a few hours of splashing in the hot waters. No wonder so many children are seen swimming in the lake during the holidays. 

Yesterday my friend Don took me out to lunch. I met him when I first moved here and lived in Chapala. He had just moved here too. He said that was ten years ago. So I have been living here for ten years. The time has gone by so quickly. It has been a good ten years. I have mostly been happy here. And I have met quite a few people through my blog. (I have not been doing the blog that long.) Sometimes people stop me on the street and say I was the reason they moved here. That  always makes me feel good, like I am contributing something of value. Almost every friend I have here is someone I met because of my blog. 

I have also been through some very hard times in those ten years. My ex husband's suicide. Three operations and one of them a cancer scare. Being kicked out of my last house right after falling down the stairs and not being able to walk..... Many many readers wrote to me during these hard times and gave me encouragement and hope to carry on.   I can't begin to say thank you enough to express the depth of how those comments helped me. THANK YOU.   And I hope this new year has many wonderful surprises in it for all of us.    


  1. Happy New Year! I certainly hope there are many positive surprises for all of us this year.....for myself, that my spouse would finally agree to move to Ajijic. Do you remember why you started the blog? It has definitely been a lifeline in rough times. Still waiting for a rental to open up in March.

    1. Hi Pat, it would be fun if you guys moved here. I think I started the blog because I like to write. I wrote a book that I couldn't get published. This seemed like a good idea. P